Trendy Personality


Having a Trendy Clothing Personality means that you like to wear all kinds of trends – often all at the same time and you manage to look fabulous!

You keep yourself abreast of the latest trends, and the do’s and don’ts of fashion. When you go shopping for new clothes, you tend to pick pieces that catch your eye at first glance. Your style is sometimes sassy, glamorous and often girly.

Styles of Trendy

Girly glamorous is a very popular look from this clothing personality. High fashion style also overlaps with Dramatic and Eclectic.

Trendy Style Tips

Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): Platform sandals, skinny jeans, wide belts, wet look leggings and all kinds of trendy leggings, leopard scarf, chunky gladiator high heel sandals.











Your celebrity style twins: Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce, Miley Cirus , Hilary Duff, Paris Hilton , Jennifer Hudson

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