Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Do you ever wonder, “how can I transition my wardrobe from summer to fall”? Well, wonder no more… Here are some ways you can make the transition easy and simple.



Remember that beautiful summer dress that you hate to put away just because summer is over? Wait! Don’t put it away quite yet. During the fall season you can wear that same dress with a nice dark-colored fitted or the boyfriend jacket in order to make it fall friendly.










Opaque Leggings

Opaque leggings are a great staple for fall. Try wearing your favorite summer dress with opaque leggings and closed-toed shoes. This will instantly turn your dress into a great fall look.










Channel the changing leaves. Tap into fall’s signature colors such as red, rust, mustard yellow, and of course orange to give your wardrobe an instant fall facelift.












Scarves, belts, knit caps, are great choices when transitioning into fall but just not all at the same time.  A scarf will update any outfit, so go ahead and try it!









Tailored Leggings

Tailored leggings paired up with your fall separates are a fabulous alternative to shorts and trousers.












Keep your toes exposed as long as you can to make your wardrobe flirty. Pair them with your great fall pieces.











Let’s face it denim works year round. But when wearing it the fall a great way to step it up is by adding a jacket with it. A great color combination is denim, white shirt and a neutral colored jacket like this one.











And of course layering is a great way to usher in the fall season. Remember not to over do it, though. You should not have no more than 3 levels of layers in an outfit.










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