Celebrity Clothing Line

Many celebrities today are creating clothing lines. A handful of them are deciding to make them available and affordable to the mass public. The latest one is Actress Eva Mendes. She has collaborated with New York and Company to present her new clothing line. I was in the store today and was able to see everything up close and snap a few pics. Some of the items are cute and others are a bit matronly, in my opinion. The collection I saw today, is apparently a restock of the line. New York & Co. is one of my favorite stores and they usually have very descent prices and their sale prices are even better! The prices of Eva Mendes’ new line range between $24.99(tank top)- $159.99(trench coat). Everything else fall in between. Personally, I feel they are priced a bit high, therefore, I recommend you wait for one of their amazing sales. However, don’t wait too long, apparently, they are flying off the racks. Take a look at the line…

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10 Flattering Styles for Women

These are styles that are guaranteed to look good on every woman… Yes, even you! I promise. Take a look and see which one you already use and which one you might now want to incorporate.

1.  White buttoned-down shirt– A white button-down shirt always looks fresh, clean and polished.

white shirt


2. Wrap Dress– The most figure-flattering dress ever! It looks good on all body types and does wonders to show off the female shape.

wrap dress



3. Trench Coat– The trench coat is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because it works year-round. It’s versatility and great fit make it thtrench coate perfect option.


4. Black Pumps — Few things are sexier than a woman in heels. Black pumps work well because they lengthen the leg, and the sleek color amps up the affect.

black pumps

5. Sunglasses — Provided you find the right shape for your face (be it square, rounded or aviator style), sunglasses can completely finish off just about any casual ensemble.


6. Shift Dress — The shape of this dress works on almost all shapes. The relaxed fit along with the body-skimming silhouette highlight and hide all the right spots.

shift dress 2













7. Monochromatic Outfits — A single color palette always looks great as it elongates the body and is so sophisticated.



8. Statement Necklaces — Whether you choose to wear a statement necklace with a fancy dress, a blouse or just a casual T-shirt, it can take your outfit to another level.


9. Blush — The right shade can do wonders to accentuate (or create) any woman’s cheekbones.

blush 1 blush 2















10. Fake Eyelashes — Fake eyelashes make your eyes pop and add a little something extra for an evening out.

Fake lashes



South Florida has finally seen it’s “Big Chill” for the season. The temperatures were as low as 45 degrees this weekend. I was very happy to finally get the opportunity to wear my trench coat from JCP. I love this color and its cream flap on the inside gives it a real luxe look. It is great to use a pop of color in your outfit. This was such a steal at $30!