Women’s Shoe Guide

Shoes are a woman’s favorite accessory. We all love and can’t get enough of them! I have had a love affair with shoes for as long as I can remember. Therefore, knowing what to look for when buying them, can only increase your love for them. Here is a guide to follow.

1. Boots: For the most flattering boots, make sure they don’t cut off your leg at its thickest point. Most women’s legs are narrowest right under the knees, and knee high boots are generally very easy to wear. A boot with a bit of stretch can make heavy ankles and calves appear narrower.


2. Heels, pumps and wedges: Stiletto, peep-toe, open-toe, slingback and more: With so many styles of heels, there are many things to consider.

  • Short women may want to avoid T-straps and ankle straps because they can visually cut off the leg and make it look shorter. However, an ankle strap can actually make thick ankles look narrower by adding coverage and definition.
  • Thin heels are flattering. However, the thicker the heel, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more businesslike your overall look will be.
  • Ultra high heels (more than four inches) can actually make a short woman appear shorter because the calf muscles will flex too much.
  • A tapered toe gives a slimming look overall, but women with large feet may want to avoid very pointy shoes.
  • Pumps with oval-shaped toes or square toes are comfortable and will make larger feet appear smaller.

3. Flats: are the perfect footwear with narrow pants, with short skirts or long skirts. If you want to wear them with mid-length skirts, choose flats with a slight lift in the heel.

4. Sandals: show more skin on your feet, making your legs look longer. For sandals with heels, follow the same suggestions for pumps and high heel shoes. For casual sandals, like flip-flops, you’ll most likely want to consider whether or not the style will be comfortable.


5. Oxfords and Loafers: The perfect shoes to wear with pants, oxfords and loafers both have a classic, menswear-inspired feeling. If your oxfords or loafers have heels, you can pair them with skirts as well.


6. Athletic and athletic-inspired shoes: Choosing the right shoes for your activity is the most important thing when it comes to athletic shoes. To avoid injuries, you’ll want women’s shoes meant for your sport; for example, if you are a runner, make sure to buy running shoes to ensure that the insole will give your feet the support they need. For athletic-inspired shoes, you’ll want to focus on whether or not the style will be comfortable for you and if it will go with your casual clothing.

Women’s Shoes You Want:

Comfort: Choose heels that are two inches high or lower and opt for thick heels, like a stacked heel or a wedge heel. Natural materials breathe more than synthetics, and they are usually more flexible, too. If padding inside the shoe is important, you may want to buy a half size larger so you can add an insert, but be careful not to buy shoes that are too large — they can be just as hard to walk in as shoes that are too small.

Classic: Classic black leather shoes are a wardrobe essential, but high heels in brown leather, black velvet or snakeskin are all considered classics. For a classic casual shoe, you can’t go wrong with a retro-style sneaker, a leather clog or a T-strap flat sandal.

Latest and greatest: Shop for brand names and designer shoes to find the latest trends. Bright colors and bold patterns will ensure that your shoes look “au courant”.

Accessories for Memorial Day Weekend

Here are some accessories you can add to your looks to spruce it up this weekend.

White sandals are one of those things that are inappropriate all year long, except for Memorial Day. Break out the wedges and whatever other summery footwear you have, and wear it stylishly.

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You should also have a cross body bag, big enough to hold the essentials (sunscreen, credit cards and your cell phone). You just may have to lug this one all day long.



You’ll also need a light breezy scarf for chilly evenings, and some funky earrings to dress up your attire for an emergency evening date!





A big summer straw hat is a great accessory to wear with a summer dress or your bathing suit.









I love stripes. They are such a subtle way to make a bold statement in an outfit. This knit striped jacket I got at Marshalls looks luscious  with green and yellow tones. I chose white pants instead of black to give the look a more casual feel. Although, it is still fall but in South Florida we have summer-like weather in January. In which case, I can definitely pull off these gold sandals!


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