Celebrity Clothing Line

Many celebrities today are creating clothing lines. A handful of them are deciding to make them available and affordable to the mass public. The latest one is Actress Eva Mendes. She has collaborated with New York and Company to present her new clothing line. I was in the store today and was able to see everything up close and snap a few pics. Some of the items are cute and others are a bit matronly, in my opinion. The collection I saw today, is apparently a restock of the line. New York & Co. is one of my favorite stores and they usually have very descent prices and their sale prices are even better! The prices of Eva Mendes’ new line range between $24.99(tank top)- $159.99(trench coat). Everything else fall in between. Personally, I feel they are priced a bit high, therefore, I recommend you wait for one of their amazing sales. However, don’t wait too long, apparently, they are flying off the racks. Take a look at the line…

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The Colors of Capri/Cropped Pants

Here is a continuation of the a previous post titled How to Pick the Right Capri Pants. In that post, we discussed which fit and length is best to wear. In today’s post, I want to discuss which colors are best to choose when you are picking capri/cropped pants.

Tips to Remember…

1. Always wear heels with capri/cropped pants! Even if it’s a two-inch heel, wear it. It will help you to look longer.

2. A dark color will emphasize the length and shorten legs.

3. Tone the color with your legs for maximum elongation.

4. End at the narrowest part of your calf.

5. High vamp shoes shorten legs unless they are heels.

6. A nude or cognac shoe can be high vamp if the straps aren’t so obvious.

capris and cropped pants how to wear


Picture by: Fabulous after 40

7 Fashion Rules for Professionals

1. It takes 7 seconds to make a first impression.  So, make it a positive one. A refined look at first glance will be perceived as polished and professional. Flaws in your clothing draw unwanted attention.  Iron or steam your clothes, trim any loose strands, tuck saggy pockets, remove stains.  These seconds can determine how others treat you in the work place.

2. Invest in the best clothes you can afford.  When it comes to a solid wardrobe essentials, quality is the key.  Often the fit and fabric is better in a designer item because it will flatter your shape and last for years to come.  The amount of wear you will get out of these pieces, will be worth every penny. Remember, natural fibers normally hold longer.

3. Your suit jacket and pants does not have to be worn together all the time!  Wear your suits as singles.  It will be easier to pair each piece with other items in your wardrobe.

4. Plan your outfits in advance.  If you’ve got an important presentation or work trip coming up, take some time to plan your wardrobe or hire a stylist (like me!) to do it for you. Then, you will be able to relax knowing you are prepared and confident that you look impeccable.

5. Dress for your next promotion.  If you want to have the part, start dressing the part. Go for a polished and well-put together look that will make you look like you are the one running things.

6. Try some trends.  Ask a stylist what trends are a good fit for your body type and style personality.  Try out 1 or 2 inexpensive trends each season.  Some of them will stick and some won’t. Just try them, they can become classic to you.

7. Find a skillful tailor.  Most clothing items in catalogs or magazines are tucked, pinned or altered to fit models.  A $20 investment in a simple alteration can make you look 10 pounds lighter.

3 Memorial Day Weekend Outfit Inspirations …

Memorial Day weekend is quickly approaching. You might or might not be thinking about what you are going to wear. Allow me to help guide you in ringing in this festive weekend in style. Here are 3 concepts you can try in order to look trendy and chic. I will try all 3 concepts at my family reunion this coming weekend and I will post the pics to show you how I did it!

1. White-on-white

This is a great concept that will allow you to look fresh, chic, and sexy. You can pull this off as a casual look or as a dressy one. White jeans and a white tee or a white pant suit like Rhianna is wearing here.

2011 Billboard Music Awards - Arrivals 5

2. Summer Dress

You may already have a floral or striped dress in you closet. It can be short, long, loose, or fitted, it does not matter. They can also be great to throw over your bathing suit if you are headed to the beach or a pool party.hot-floral-dresses-for-summer Jessica Alba is wearing a very pretty floral strapless dress and she looks fabulous! In this picture, she has dressed it up but you can totally do that same type of dress with a pair of wedge heels or flats.

3 My dress


This Venecia striped maxi dress above, I actually own one just like it and I will be wearing it this weekend!

3. Pastel Hues

If pants and shirts are your thing, try them on in pastel hues and leave the traditional blue and white behind. An aqua top paired with pink shorts and a cropped light denim jacket looks great for day time outings.