Celebrity Clothing Line

Many celebrities today are creating clothing lines. A handful of them are deciding to make them available and affordable to the mass public. The latest one is Actress Eva Mendes. She has collaborated with New York and Company to present her new clothing line. I was in the store today and was able to see everything up close and snap a few pics. Some of the items are cute and others are a bit matronly, in my opinion. The collection I saw today, is apparently a restock of the line. New York & Co. is one of my favorite stores and they usually have very descent prices and their sale prices are even better! The prices of Eva Mendes’ new line range between $24.99(tank top)- $159.99(trench coat). Everything else fall in between. Personally, I feel they are priced a bit high, therefore, I recommend you wait for one of their amazing sales. However, don’t wait too long, apparently, they are flying off the racks. Take a look at the line…

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7 Styling Mistakes NOT to Make

Most often the rules and ideas we cling to the most can be what destroys your personal style. Which is why this practical guide is a reminder to help you up your style and avoid those fashion faux pas.

1) Base Layer

Underwear is the start of the style process. Too often the wrong bra and panties will kill a look. Getting the correct bra fitting will lift a look as well as the bust area. When it comes to the panty it is about cut and color. When you wear white clothes your underwear should be nude (if you have fair skin), brown or black (if you are of darker skin). The panties should not be white. The block of white adds depth to the white of your garment and it’s never classy to show all your goods.  Also don’t forget to wear shape wear with any clothing item day or night that requires it. You don’t have to go around sucking in your tummy when a good pair of tummy control pants will do the work for you.

2) Fit

Your clothes should fit you. No sizes are exactly the same in stores and different cuts impact on which size to select. Wearing over-sized loose clothing will only make you look bigger than you really are. The same is true for clothes which are too tight. Your clothes should fit you well.  Always buy the clothes that fits you, not the ones you want to fit into.
























3) Proportions

Length on skirts, dresses and trousers is key to keeping you looking stylish. If your skirt or dress length is too long it can lessen your frame and look out of date. Use this guideline when choosing the length, start off at the knee and then judge whether a little shorter or longer would be more flattering for you. When wearing pants, the length will impact on the overall look. Check your ankle definition if you want a pair of cropped pants, and the length of a full pant leg with your heels.


4) Quality

When the fashion magazines talk about an ‘investment piece’ they really mean a simple quality item that will last a lot longer than a cheap fashion fix. The quality of the garment will be reflected in the cut and the material. If you want the item to give you a lot of wears and last, then spend more money on a quality item. For example, a good pair of trousers, a handbag or a blazer. A good quality item will have more structure and will sit better upon your frame, you will hold yourself better and therefore look 100% better as a result.

5) Head to toe black

Black is not necessarily slimming and wearing it head to toe can be draining! Color, material quality and texture all add an element of style and this alone will make you look and feel better. Wearing black head to toe needs to be accessorized well in order to look stylish. Mix navy with black if you prefer to stick with a dark palate and this will give it a modern feel.

black head to toe

6) Accessories

Accessories are an area that leaves potential for mistakes. Often less is more when it comes to jewelry and accessories. When in doubt, take one item off before going out of the door. Don’t try to make accessories work. If you love a scarf but worry about looking like an air hostess, then tie it around your handbag.



















7) A slave to fashion

Seasons, trends, micro trends they all come and go and you need to carefully pick and adapt items to suit you. The ‘how’ is always the hardest part but go with what you really like and accept that many trends will have to grow on you. There is no need to match bags with shoes these days but maybe matching your belt to your bag or shoes is fine. These slight shifts are useful to note. You can keep wearing your skinny jeans, black blazer and white tee for a few years and just change your bag or clutch to what is in for the season.