Spring-Summer 2012 Ready-to-wear!

Although, we are still in the fall season, the spring and summer fashion runway shows have already come and gone. In Paris, Milan, London, and of course New York. The Tracy Reese spring-summer collection is quite impressive. I am especially impressed with the 1930s inspired hats that spilled out all of over her collection. Below is the video of the entire show at New York fashion week.

There are some exciting trends you need to look for in 2012. So, let’s roll them out…

SHEER CLOTHING- was a HUGE hit on the runway at fashion week. The first one is a very edgy look. Great for you bold and risky fashionistas. As for the more conservative gal, try the one on the right… It gives you more coverage but still fashionably sheer!

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WHITE CLOTHING- are a real staple for this season. These 2 looks are from the Tracy Reese collection, and I absolutely love the first one. Simply breathtaking!

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Cropped Tops vs. Bra-like Tops- Cropped tops gives you a little more coverage and bra-like tops are a bit more daring.  But remember to wear both, you must have a nice flat tummy. These can be worn as casual wear and as evening wear.

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Pastels- Well of course pastels are in! They are beautiful in these very flirty feminine styles. Look for great shades like corals, yellows, blues and mints. They go very well with solid neutral hues too. As shown in the picture below.

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Floral Prints- Pretty floral dresses are a must in the upcoming season. They are beautiful in dresses, tops, and jumpsuits.


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Stripes- are a great spring/summer staple. Look for them in dresses, tops and bottom pieces. Remember, horizontal lines can make you appear larger. Therefore, try angular lines or vertical lines if you want to look slimmer.

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Strapy shoes and sandals- These were a huge hit at Tracy Reese’s show as she paired them with almost every outfit.


Ruffle necklace- These are very interesting and chic.


Next time you go shopping, remember to look for these fashion trends. Also, don’t forget to email me and let me know what you think about the new spring/summer trends. Contact me

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