Sporty Personality


If you are Sporty Clothing Personality your look is like the fresh appealing girl next door. One who prefers comfortable and easy to maintain clothes.

You stay away from complicated fashion. Your clothes are simple and loose with a bit of structure. They have very few details. Your makeup is almost always natural and simple.

Styles of Sporty

This clothing personality also includes several styles such as distressed tees, jeans and flip flops, graphic tees, baggy jeans, colorful sports sneakers and tennis shoes.


Sporty Style Tips

Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): Basic casual tees and tank tanks, casual jeans like boyfriend jeans sweatshirts, knit button down vest, cargo pants, simple stud earrings, jewelry made of earthy materials, canvas sneakers and other sport looking shoes, tunic tops, safari jacket.











How to Improve Your Style/Word of Warning: You like keeping it simple so you tend avoid clothes that draws too much attention. This might make you come across as being under-dressed or sloppy. Try to keep your nails groomed and maybe add an interesting, feminine key piece to an outfit.

To achieve a chic sporty look you’ll benefit from combining some trendy pieces to your style. Injecting some drama and classiness like an oversize cocktail ring and lady-like black purse combined with a sweatshirt and jeans creates a stylish twist.


Your celebrity style twins: Audrey Hepburn, Jennifer Anniston, Cameron Diaz, Sandra Bullock, Cindy Crawford and Giselle Bundchen

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