Style Consultation and Analysis:

An in depth wardrobe consultation over the phone or in person. Answer questions about your lifestyle and interests, and your wants and needs. We will provide you with a very detailed list of what to wear and not to wear, places to shop, trends and classics to buy, styles to buy for your body type, and styling tips to help you achieve your overall desired look.

Wardrobe and Closet Reorganization:

Need help getting dressed for an occasion? Need help getting dressed period? Let us come in and do some therapy with you. We can organize your closet in a way that can save you money at the mall. We clean out the old, and organize and style the good. We teach you what to save, purge and sell. Shopping in your closet will save you time and money! If there are items to buy, please move down to the next, fun service!

Personal Shopping:

Say goodbye to lines, overwhelming sales people, over spending, indecision and frustration! We can make your shopping completely stress free by bringing everything to you. We can also shop with you to teach you how to become a better and wiser shopper, which will save you time and money. No more clothes in your closet with tags on them!

Personal Styling:

You may have a full closet, but no idea how to wear what’s in there. We can spend time with you styling new outfits or restyling your old favorites to give them a new attitude! We can provide a look book of all your new outfits for any occasion so you never need to ask yourself what am I going to wear?

Special Events

Looking for something special to do with your girlfriends instead of the book club; a unique bachelorette party or baby shower surprise? Host a girls night out shopping with a personal stylist on hand to help all of you create that special look. Host a party at home with a personal stylist to answer questions and style outfits that you and your friends may need help with, or plan a clothing swap party with your Bff’s. There are endless ways to create that special event. Prices are determined based on the event.


Need to update your pictures? Do you have a business and need some marketable photos for your portfolio? Are you getting married and need engagement photos or are turning a milestone age like 30, 40, 50, 60 and need some pictures to highlight your essence? Then get a stylist to help you achieve that style and to be on-set with you the whole day and make sure everything goes smoothly. $200.00 flat fee for a day of photoshoot not to exceed 4 hours. Stylist will be on-set with various options of clothing and accessories (provide your own shoes). Stylist would advise client on what patterns that looks best on camera, what type of clothing that looks best on your body type, and what type of styles look better with the type of setting the photoshoot will take place. Stylist will be there to assure your everything is flawless and in place (hair sticking up or necklace is crooked) for every photo and making sure that your best features and angles are captured.

Out Of Town Clients:

It doesn’t matter where you  live thanks to the internet and SKYPE! Whether you live in an area where The Gap is the only place in town, or you live in NYC but can’t seem to get out of the office or bear the overwhelming traffic and choices that surround you. We can help. We will do a Skype Facetime session first to get to know you, your sizes, and your current look. Next is shopping. The internet has everything and we can do this together all online, or be surprised when you come home and packages are there just waiting for you!!

Gift Certificates Available:

Do you know someone who may benefit from theses services? Are you looking for a unique gift for someone special, or maybe a holiday or birthday gift? We will mail you a certificate to present to the lucky recipient.

How do I get started?

Just send me an email today! I am waiting to hear from you. Let me help you put your best fashion foot forward…contact form.




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