Romantic Personality


Your Romantic Clothing Personality signals your love for everything soft and pretty.

Styles of Romantic

Classic women tend to mix their style with Romantic details such as: tailored pants and ruffle blouse.

A peek in your closet reveals dresses and skirts that fall below the knee, sometimes far below the knee. Your sweaters also tend to be long too and may fall below the hip. You have more sweaters than jackets and may not own a suit. You prefer soft pastel colors and floral prints. You also like pants that are soft and drapey, rather than crisp and tailored.

Your jewelry may be antique or vintage, but if it isn’t, it still reflects a vintage fashion sensibility. You’re more likely than other fashion personality types to own and wear hats or gloves as fashion accessories.


Romantic Style Tips

Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): Ruffle skirts, dresses and blouses, dainty floral print clothes, lace tops, crocheted tops, cameos and antique jewelry, silk scarves, flower headbands and brooches, and charm jewelry.












Your celebrity style twins: Marilyn Monroe, Freida Pinto, Kristin Davis, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Scarlett Johansson, Taylor Swift

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