How to wear Black and white

When wearing black and white remember not to do the plain button down white shirt and black slacks. This is a huge No-No because that is the universal uniform for waiters, waitress, and busboys. When you are out having dinner, you don’t want to be mistaken for the help. You should try the reversal. A nice pair of white cuffed slacks with a chic black blouse. Remember black and white look very chic when accessorized with a nice pop of color such as hot pink as shown in the picture below. You can also pair it with electric blue, bright red, teal, canary yellow and any other bright color.

If you are a bit heavier on the bottom, you want to steer away from wearing white at the bottom. Instead, wear a black skirt or pants. Specifically, a black pencil skirt, it will allow your legs to appear leaner and longer. Remember, if you want to hide your belly wear black tops.  In the outfit below, you will see how slimming the black skinny jeans look and how it looks great with both yellow and green.

You can always go with the classic pencil dress. In this photo, the dress is white but the belt is black. Your belt should always be black rather than white because it helps to define your waist and make it look smaller. Again, I paired it up with a nice pop of color of burnt orange and some neutral colored pumps.


Be careful of the patterns you choose. They must be in proportion with your size. For example, this back and white striped shirt, will not work on a large body frame. The horizontal lines will make you appear wider in frame. Also when choosing polka dots, go for oversize ones. They will help you make a bigger statement than the smaller ones.

Any large graphic is popular. If you wear it with a lime green shirt, you will draw attention to yourself. But if you wear that same skirt with a black cardigan and a green cami underneath, then you automatically tone down your look. I am also a huge fan of wearing black and white with a solid bright color at the bottom and vice-versa as shown in the picture below.

Black and white is always in fashion, but use your good style sense to play it up, down, formal, or casual. An example of wearing black and white casually, is to choose a black and white checkered shirt or a graphic tee and pair it up with your favorite pair of jeans.

Black shoes are versatile and probably something you already own, but black shoes with white details pack more punch and help pull the outfit together. For your jewelry accessories, you can go all the way with black and white enamel bangles or cuffs. Or you could choose to add a shot of color with multicolored strands of necklaces or add some shine with a mix of silver and gold.




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