10 Must Have Trends for Fall 2011

Summer is over and fall is here! September 23rd signals that fall has begun and it is time to fill your closet with some great fall staples. If you are looking at your current wardrobe to see what you can wear this season? Don’t you worry, because I have done the leg work for you. Below you will find a list of the top 10 clothing trends for this fall season. Remember… when looking at these pictures, try not to focus on the actual piece, but rather on the concept described. This way, you can look for similar trends on your budget.  Enjoy!

1. High slits

Dresses may have swerved more on the conservative side, but the sexiness was still preserved with hip-grazing slits.

2. Chic Ponchos

There is a ton of options for all cape and poncho lovers this season. They range from preppy All-American types to those seeking more of a glamorous look.

3. Leather skirts

One of the new way to wear leather skirts is to paired it up with casual-chic tops like, gray button-ups and sweatshirt-like sweaters.

4. Bright Colored Pants

This fall pants have come in super-saturated hues. The hottest shapes are cropped, flared, tapered, or high-waisted. Makes it perfect for punching up the clean silhouettes for fall.

5. Graphic Stripes

The stripes in the fall collections are bold and graphic. They range from Tron-like athletic stripes to horizontal Hamburglar patterns.

6. Duster Coats

These duster coats look glam; especially if you pair it with the textured filmy separates shown on this runway.

7. Mid-Calf Skirts

This season, mid-calf length skirts come in nice metallics, graphic mixed prints, and with menswear tailoring. These full-coverage skirts have gotten a whole lot sexier.

8. Yves Klein Blue

Translation, Royal Blue. From flirty skirts to filmy jumpsuits, the color is the focus. It is one to start stocking your closets with.

9. Graphic Tartan

Plaids and tartans went Big and Bold this fall! They are more in-your-face rustic weaves than the understated checks of seasons past!

10. Tuxedo Dressing

The white shirt, black bottom, and black neck piece are a great fall staple for 2011.

Remember before you run out and buy some of these pieces, rummage through your closets and see what you might already have. As you know, fashion is recycled constantly with just minor tweaks.

For example, take a closer look at the “tuxedo dressing” look above. Go into your closets and pick out all of your black and white pieces. Simply buy black neck-pieces in order to achieve this look. Please let me know what you think.

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