Eclectic Personality


Your Eclectic Clothing Personality signals that your style is creative, colorful and bit bold. You rather have the freedom to express every aspects of your personality. You like to mix different styles in one, making richly contrasting outfits. For example, abstract graphics and strong colors such as emerald green, hot pink, electric blue, etc. You make your own fashion rules.

Styles of Eclectic

Your Eclectic clothing personality is often referred to Indie style which means ‘independent’. It often overlaps with Trendy. A hint of Drama is most often present in your style because of its bold and angular flair.

Eclectic Style Tips

Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): A woman with an eclectic style uses all kinds of styles and mix them together so there isn’t a clear example but here is a shot at it below. Eclectic style is an ongoing invention.


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