Dramatic Personality


Your Dramatic Clothing Personality can both intimidate and fascinate.

Your look consists of:

Long, sleek and always straight lines. High fashion, severely tailored garments. Square, sharp shoulder lines, angular necklines, shapes and edges. Extreme, exotic dress for evening. Only ensemble looks, no mix or match separates.

Fabrics: Fabrics that hold defined shapes. Gabardine, stiff brocade, or metallics. Patterns are bold and sweeping abstract or geometrics and bold colors. You either wear dark neutrals or bold colors.

Accessories: Bold jewelry, sleek and elegant hats, belts, bags, and shoes with angular shapes.

Dramatic fashion style compliments your direct, strong and authority-like persona.

Styles of Dramatic

You love to dress a bit glamorous but polished and like to express a sense of status, like a couture Christian LaCroix bag. Dramatic clothing personality overlaps with Trendy and Classic.

Dramatic Style Tips


  • Enhance Your Style With (closet essentials): Bold jewelry such as bracelets cuffs and bangles, large gemstones, and beaded necklace, and other accessories with angular shapes, tops and jackets with striking shoulders… very Art Deco-like.











How to Improve Your Style and Warnings: With your fashion forwardness you’ll risk going ‘over-board’ with bold colors and strong designs. This can intimidate both men and women so you might want to dial it down a little by adding more classic pieces and some basic solid color clothes into your outfits.  Simmer it down with only one bold piece at a time in your outfit.

Your celebrity style twins: Lady Gaga, Helena Christensen, Anne Hathaway, Megan Fox, and Sela Ward

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