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We all have seen the television commercials announcing the arrival of these fall fashion lines in our local and affordable stores. More and more celebrities are coming out with either a shoe and/or clothing line that the average Joe or Jill, can afford. I want to say kudos to the celebrities and designers who dared to do this. I personally think, it is genius! Among them are the Kardashians sisters, Jennifer Lopez, and Designer Christian Siriano.

The Kardashian Kollection came out with a complete line from apparel to sunglasses at Sears this fall. The apparel come in very dark fall colors and the prices range from $14.00 to $90.00.


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Jennifer Lopez – I have always loved J-Lo’s  style. She is always stunning on the red carpet and has a great eye for fashion. You can find her collection at Khol’s. It too ranges from apparel to accessories but the surprising twist is that she also has a home collection for the bed and bath. Her line has a beautiful pallet of soft neutral colors as seen in the pictures below. The price range for the entire collection is from $28.00-$105.00.


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Christian Siriano – was the season 4 winner of the hit fashion reality show Project Runway. His shoes can be found at Payless. That is right folks, Payless now carries designer shoes! Christian has a dozen fabulous styles in stores right now. They range from heels to boots to flats. He is very big on textures and you can see that exuding from his shoes.



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They are extremely affordable from $20.00-$60.00. I purchased 2 for $21.00 and $25.00. Just beautiful!




Check these fashion lines out and let me know what you think. Contact me

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