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The DO’s, DON’Ts, and the MUST-HAVES for your body shape.






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To determine your current body shape, you should take a look at your body’s proportions in a full length mirror. Ladies, size up your shoulders, chest, waistline, hips and your height. But don’t forget to turn around and check out those buns. Now, think about your clothes and how they fit. If your pants fit your hips but are too tight at the waist, then you may have a large mid section. Do you struggle with finding jackets and shirts that fit your shoulders but not the chest? Then, you are curvy on the top. Do your pants and skirts gape at the waistline but fit in the hip? Then, you’re curvy on the bottom. Is it difficult to find tailored clothing that does not overwhelm your frame? You are most likely not curvy. If you are able to isolate the area that gives you the most anxiety when it comes to your clothes; then you will be able to figure out your body shape.


DON’T- emphasize the slimness of your lower body by wearing very narrow pants or skirts. You will just create even more disproportion between your top and bottom halves, and that will make your chest look bigger.

DO- create an overall streamlined look by adding a bit of volume (not bulky) to your lower body.

MUST-HAVES- The best bra you can afford. An A-line skirt that falls below the knee. Remember, all heights need this length to balance out a larger chest.








DON’T- wear tops that are too long and that cover your tush. You will only shorten your legs.

DO- look for tops that have structure, give you a defined waistline, and sit above the hip.

MUST-HAVES- A mid-width non-pleated pant that sits at the top of the hip.









DON’T- accentuate your thinner legs with skinny pants or pencil skirts. By comparison, your top half will appear even larger.

DO- look for tops with structure and bottoms with a little bit of volume to help proportion a midsection.

MUST-HAVES- A one or two-button fitted jacket with a posture that fits above your natural waistline.








DON’T- try to wear super-low-rise clothing. They will bring emphasis to your hips and give you love handles!

DO- look for clothes that follow your natural curves and accents the narrowness of your waistline.

MUST-HAVES- A wrap dress in cotton or nylon jersey fabric. The wrap dress brings out a magnificent waist and natural curves without clinging to them.











DON’T- attempt to wear clothing that doesn’t fit your chest or tush. You’ll look like you are playing dress-up.

DO- choose clingier clothes such as knitwear and boy-cut pants that help produce curves.

MUST HAVES- something super sexy! You can pull this off without being vulgar. Think… halter tops and backless dress.









DON’T- wear too much ruffle and frill. Some embellishments on clothes are nice but on this body shape, don’t do things that add weight to your frame. No loose or drapy fabrics; they have no shape and will in turn make you appear shapeless.

DO- clothing with clean lines and flattering seaming. Choose stiffer fabrics that have structure and are able to hold together.

MUST-HAVES- A structured leather or other stiff material jacket that sits at the top of the hips.








Just a few Reminders…

  • Dress your body the way it is now. Even if you are trying to lose weight, dressing your body now will make you look better. The better you look, the more you’ll be motivated to strive towards your weight goal.


  • The infamous “mom jeans” and the tapered jeans do not flatter any body shape! Just because they are being sold does not mean you should buy them.


  • Tailoring is your friend. Regardless of your body shape, everyone can benefit from alterations every now and then. When your clothes fit well, the more expensive and flattering they look on you. For an insignificantly small fee, the clothes you own will look fabulous and you will look like a million bucks!


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