Grammys 2015 Fashion

This past Sunday was Music’s biggest night and where the fashion can be outrageously extreme. This year was no different. It was very hard for me to come up with my 5 best dressed this year. However, here are my picks for best and worst dressed of the musical stars. Starting with the worst dressed of the night…

Pharrell’s wife was the absolute worst of the night!!! It’s not only inappropriate, but ill-fitting. And she didn’t bother putting on any make-up. Meanwhile, Pharrell looks like he got dressed in the juniors’ department. Smh

PharellNext up is Kim K.! This dress is just entirely too big on her. It looks nothing like what came down Jean Paul Gaultier’s Coutoure 2015 runway. The shoulders are too big and droopy, arms are too long and not enough cinching . It’s a bling out potato sack!

Kim K

Rhianna, oh Rhi Rhi… All I can think of are Flamingos and kinky twist weave (LOL)… NO words!!!



Madonna just doesn’t have the touch anymore. She is waaayyyy too old for this. It’s just no longer cool. You’re 50!


Last but certainly not least is Beyonce. This looks like a fancy moumou.


For the Best dressed… They speak for themselves…

GwenJenniferTaylor SwiftKaty Perry

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