Spring Cleaning…

I have finally finished my spring cleaning… just in time for the beginning of spring! I was able to organize all of my shoes and bags in these really cool shelves from Target. I have gotten a lot of emails on how I organize all my ‘stuff’. Well, I wanted to share this really smart, clean way to organize your wardrobe.









I am not totally done, because I still need to find a white multi-drawer chest for my accessories i.e. jewelry, scarves, gloves, etc… This chest will replace that mahogany desk on the wall. I had to purge, purge, purge! My motto is if you haven’t worn something in 1 year, then it is time to purge that item out of your closet. When organizing my clothes, shoes, bags etc… I find it is easier to find things if you gather them not only by category but by color. I hope this has helped and I will be posting more pics when it’s all done!

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  1. Very well organised room.It must have taken days..Its definitely worth the effort.I love to clean my room and declutter my stuff but my sis just doesnt like me to purge stuff out of the room:)

  2. Thank you Shalom! It actually took 4 days to build the shelves and organize and purge the clothes… I still have another closet to get to. LOL

    Here is my advice, purge things out little by little and that way, she won’t notice how much you are purging lol…

    Purging is good though!

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