Tom Ford & Jay-Z

Jay-Z called up world renowned designer Tom Ford and said I’m writing a song and I’m mentioning you in it. The rapper loves the designer’s fashions so much he wrote an anti-drug song about it on his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail.








Tom’s response, “Who would not be flattered to have an entire Jay-Z track named after them? I mean, come on, it’s pretty rare that something like that happens,” Ford said in an interview. “It’s a kind of validation of one’s work, as it means that one has really penetrated and made an impact on popular culture.” “My favorite line is ‘I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford.’ I love that he gets a ‘high’ from my clothes. I have been dressing him for years now, and I have to say I think he looks great in my clothes,” the designer says. “He is one of our biggest customers.”

Then, Jay-Z came up with knock-off football Jersey and performed the song in it. The jersey has his name, the year he was born 1961 and the drug “molly” struck out. He sells this jersey for $35.00.












On Febraury 17, 2014, Tom Ford honored the gesture with another of his own. In London’s fashion show, he unveiled what he’s calling “a knock-off of the knock-off” — a sequined evening-dress version, completing his and Hova’s circle of admiration.









The dress (or dresses — there was an orange version and a black version) almost stole all the attention at Ford’s fall/winter 2014 show. However, his is being sold for $6,500.



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