Slim Fit Suits

This post was inspired by a friend of mine when he told me he is looking into updating his wardrobe. One of the things we discussed was Slim Fit suits. I believe it was Gabrielle Union that said, “The effect a man in a well-fitted suit has on a woman, is equivalent to the effect a woman in bikini has on a man”. I COMPLETELY agree! There is nothing sexier than a man in a well-fitted suit.

The new Slim Fit is the perfect way to achieve this boys! Take a look at the difference…


How is a Slim Fit designed?

A Slim Fit is designed to flatter your figure as much as possible by following your natural body shape with little excess fabric.


Sleeves: A Slim Fit will have close-cut feel and more tapering of the sleeves.


Arm Holes: A Slim Fit means higher armhole for a trimmer, cleaner silhouette in both the jacket torso and sleeves.


Torso: A Slim Fit will have more waist suppression in the jacket. A slight pull (not a heavy tug) is normal.


Pants: A Slim Fit will have close-cut feel and more tapering of the pant leg.


How does a Slim Fit feel?

To the novice wearer, a Slim Fit may initially feel snug. This is normal so allow for an adjustment period. A slim fit is a very close-cut fit, but NOT a skinny fit.

How does a Slim Fit look? You tell me10 11 12 138




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