Wrap Dresses Celebration

There are times when, “a dress is just a dress.” But in the case of the seventies Wrap, a dress becomes something much more. “These easy-on, easy-off knits sometimes referred to as little “slinkies,” and best worn sans underwear had become “a manifesto for the liberated woman of the 1970s.” said Diane Von Furstenberg.

Design-wise, there is nothing extraordinary about this simple, universally flattering shape dress. Wrapping, of course, is an ancient technique that predates sewing, and surplice dresses existed for decades before the incarnation of the wrap dress. Yet when the side-tie frock collided with soft-and-easy and, better yet, impossible to wrinkle knit jersey in the late sixties, it was indeed a revolutionary moment. The look became all wrapped up in the dramatic changes roiling women’s lives.

Today that style is still the best we have ever seen. I wore one of my favorite wrap dresses this week in celebration of its 40 years of existence! I love the color of this dress and its print… classically chic!


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  1. I love the dress on you. The patter is very different. Wraps dresses are one of my favorites but very hard to find in store. I love them because no matter your shapes it fits the curves. Let me know where I kind find a few wrap dresses.

    • Hi Daphne! They are virtually everywhere… Forever21, Macy’s, JCP, Express, Ross etc… If I come across one particular store, I’ll definitely fb you with the info!

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