Spring/Summer Trends for 2014

Mod TrendMod Trend2

Mod World Fashion Trend– An explosion of pop colors and bold geometric prints, we look to the youth movement of the 60′s for inspiration. Fun, fresh and fearless, the inspiration here is anything but shy.

You will start seeing this trend starting right now. This trend will make you stand out from the crowd with its bright primary colors. Look for patterns such as checkerboard, jailbird stripes and geometric and contrast taping and mod pockets for details and trim.

If you’re interested in wearing this trend look for mod mini skirts, a-line shift dresses and color-blocked parkas(a kind of heavy jacket).

Indian trendIndian Fashion Trend– For Spring 2014 designers travel East for exotic inspiration from the spice market alleyways to the silk routes. Hand spun fabrics with delicate beading and traditional eastern embroideries are of the essence.

Consider colors such as gold, beige, mint, teal and pinks. The key items for this trend is the asymmetric skirt, tunic tops and of course printed silk shirt. This spice trail trend has great embellishments and prints consist of paisley, Indian and a great dye effect.

Provincial Trend

Provincial Fashion Trend– A perfect day for a picnic- fresh country air, crisp linens and polish cotton. The simple life embraces classic comfort, a mix between the French countryside and American pastures.

The key items for this trend is the woven t-shirt, colored blazer and shirt dress. Consider colors such as powerful blues, bright reds, pinks and navy blues. This countryside relaxing pieces would have patterns such as plaid and earth tone blue.

Grunge Trend

Grunge Fashion Trend– An awaken of the 90′s musical genre turned lifestyle movement. Grunge is HUGE for Spring 2014. Layered and relaxed, with a touch of sophistication and muted color palettes, this trend is laid back and chic.

With the main prints being plaid, moody florals and a somewhat paint splattered erosion effect on items like sweatshirts, maxi chiffon dresses and cropped tops, hear me when I say, this trend will not make it into my wardrobe. This is my least favorite trend out of the bunch mainly because I’ve never been a fan of grunge no matter how chic it’s said to be.

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