Color of the Year 2014

The Pantone Colour Institute has named “Radiant Orchid” as the color of the year. January 1st 2014 has marked the end of Emerald’s reign which was the color of 2013. The color of the year is something that most of us dismiss. However, it is something that is considered important by businesses and market movers throughout the year. From makeup to clothes to cars and home decor. Even themes and color choices for upcoming weddings this year are set to be affected by Pantone’s choice.

So, what does “Radiant Orchid” actually look like? Pantone describes it as “an enchanting harmony of fuchsia, purple and pink undertones,” adding that the color “reaches across the color wheel to intrigue the eye and spark the imagination.”

radiant orchid


The color is also seen in the auto industry…



Wearing the Trend…

Some might argue that Radiant Orchid is a color that doesn’t work for everyone. Such a bold color can either wash out or darken some skin tones if worn the wrong way or as a full on outfit. However, the color can work wonders as an accent in an otherwise plain outfit. It’s best to play with the colors from the same color family, playing with varying shades of pinkish-purples.

An all black outfit will look flirty just by adding a pinkish-purple lipstick to your face. In reverse, a radiant orchid dress won’t look too loud if paired with subdued colors. After all, in today’s rules of fashion, finding the balance in everything is key. Designer Dona Karan once said that “Design is a constant challenge to balance comfort with luxe, the practical wimedressth the desirable.”


In the market

Indeed, the color is already taking over the market with 2014 only a few days old. It already has its own line in Sephora and racks of clothes – from designer to RTW – are also starting to sport the shade.

Forever 21 has had a wide array of designs in varying shades of orchid. A solid orchid dress in a regal tint makes for a great evening outfit.



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  1. Hi Pacale.You have incredible style and gal you are amazing.ive seen ur videos and liked it too.Im following you and looking forward for more of your awesome styles.If i had purple top or cardigan (just like the above pic) which color pants can i match it to other than pink or black.Looking forward for your kind reply.Thanks.Keep up the good work.Love ya!!!

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