10 Flattering Styles for Women

These are styles that are guaranteed to look good on every woman… Yes, even you! I promise. Take a look and see which one you already use and which one you might now want to incorporate.

1.  White buttoned-down shirt– A white button-down shirt always looks fresh, clean and polished.

white shirt


2. Wrap Dress– The most figure-flattering dress ever! It looks good on all body types and does wonders to show off the female shape.

wrap dress



3. Trench Coat– The trench coat is a staple in every woman’s wardrobe because it works year-round. It’s versatility and great fit make it thtrench coate perfect option.


4. Black Pumps — Few things are sexier than a woman in heels. Black pumps work well because they lengthen the leg, and the sleek color amps up the affect.

black pumps

5. Sunglasses — Provided you find the right shape for your face (be it square, rounded or aviator style), sunglasses can completely finish off just about any casual ensemble.


6. Shift Dress — The shape of this dress works on almost all shapes. The relaxed fit along with the body-skimming silhouette highlight and hide all the right spots.

shift dress 2













7. Monochromatic Outfits — A single color palette always looks great as it elongates the body and is so sophisticated.



8. Statement Necklaces — Whether you choose to wear a statement necklace with a fancy dress, a blouse or just a casual T-shirt, it can take your outfit to another level.


9. Blush — The right shade can do wonders to accentuate (or create) any woman’s cheekbones.

blush 1 blush 2















10. Fake Eyelashes — Fake eyelashes make your eyes pop and add a little something extra for an evening out.

Fake lashes


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