The Colors of Capri/Cropped Pants

Here is a continuation of the a previous post titled How to Pick the Right Capri Pants. In that post, we discussed which fit and length is best to wear. In today’s post, I want to discuss which colors are best to choose when you are picking capri/cropped pants.

Tips to Remember…

1. Always wear heels with capri/cropped pants! Even if it’s a two-inch heel, wear it. It will help you to look longer.

2. A dark color will emphasize the length and shorten legs.

3. Tone the color with your legs for maximum elongation.

4. End at the narrowest part of your calf.

5. High vamp shoes shorten legs unless they are heels.

6. A nude or cognac shoe can be high vamp if the straps aren’t so obvious.

capris and cropped pants how to wear


Picture by: Fabulous after 40

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