How to Find Flattering Swimwear

Summer is in full swing and in many parts of the country we are experiencing scorching heat! A great way to keep cool is to go to the beach or at the pool. Many of us are very self-conscientious about our bodies in a bathing suit. To be confident in one is nearly impossible at times. Therefore, it is good to know which swimsuit styles are the most flattering. Here are some helpful tips:

1. A versatile one piece swimsuit

A classic one piece is essential to have. Make sure it has some modern details like a panel suit. Keep the middle panel in darker color than the outer panels. This will give you a slimmer silhouette and show off your curves. Do the reverse, if you want to hide you love handles.

1-12. Create visual balance

There is a flattering swimsuit out there for every body type, you just have to know this trick. If you have narrow shoulders compared to the width of your hips, a narrow waist and a smaller bust, that means you have a triangle or pear shape. Wear a printed or fuller coverage top to balance out the width of your hips. This horizontal striped top will create the illusion of a fuller cup size. Simply pair this with a solid black bikini bottom. Do the reverse if you’re smaller at the hips and wider at the top.


3. Alternative to the “tiny bikini” bottoms

If you’re weary of the tiny bikini bottoms, wear your print on the bottom. A high-waisted brief makes your bum appear fuller and conveniently holds your tummy in. Pair this with a supportive solid colored top.


4. Board Shorts is a great alternative

Swim skirts offer more coverage for women who are self-conscious about their bottoms and thighs. However, these skirts are typically quite short and can hit the thighs at their widest point, making them appear wider. Board shorts are a great alternative, especially if you favor a sporty look. These shorts come in a variety of lengths, including some as long as a pair of Bermudas. When worn with a bikini top or over a one-piece suit, they’re functional, fun and very modest.

Board Shorts

5. How to wear it when we get older

If you’ve got broad shoulders, a fuller bust and tummy, plus narrow hips, you can wear a Popina. It will minimize your tummy, show off your shoulders and balance your hips with that straight line across the bottom. Attention will be drawn up towards your face and down towards your svelte legs. Notice the ruching on this bathing suit. A great detail to help suck in the tummy and keep everything else in place.

Which one will you try?


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