Fashion Star Season 2 Finale

Tonight was the season finale of Fashion Star. It was an incredibly impressive show and I really enjoyed it! The final 3 designers were Daniel Silverstein, Cassandra Hobbins and Hunter Bell. All 3 designers were tasked with designing 3 look for each retailer (Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s and Express). This is a total of 9 looks per designer to create. The winning designer will receive a 3 million dollar contract to design a collection in all 3 stores. They will also get the opportunity to sell the 9 looks online tonight and in the stores tomorrow.

hunter Bell














The winner was Hunter Bell and Team Jessica Simpson won!!! I think she deserved it because her designs are so wearable to many different American women today. Here is her Macy’s collection…

cigarette pants Flare Dress Lace dress Lace peplum skinny pant peplum top Shorts and blazers Shorts and mesh top Teal Sheath Dress





























































































































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