Top 5 Accessory Trends for Summer 2013

Accessorizing is the single best way to transform a rather plain look to fabulously chic! Therefore, I want to make sure you know which accessory to grab next time you find yourself at a store. Remember, this is the cheapest way to update an outfit that you already have to and bring it to life!


1. Scarves

I love this trend because it is one of the few trends you can do year round. For summer and spring, you can think of light colors and airy scarves to wear. You can do this with a dress, jeans and tank top, shorts and a tank top, or your favorite summer skirt and a top. You can also find them anywhere! This is an item in my opinion, you shouldn’t spend much on. You can find nice affordable ones at places like Walmart, Target, Ross, or Marshalls.

person in scarf Scarf2









2. Bright Color and See-through Bags

They are great to use as a pop of color and bring an outfit to life! This trend was hot years ago when they were only clear in color. They have just been updated by making colorful pink bag seethrough clutch see through totes
















3. Statement Sunglasses

Some of these may be cooky, but the point is the freedom to express yourself through your sunglasses. I advise you not to spend too much on this trend because it most likely won’t stick around too long and you won’t be able to wear them anywhere. However, it’s the summer, so enjoy!  Sunglasses2 Sunglasses Sunglasses3





















4. Chunky Jewelry

I love this trend because you do not have to only wear dressy jewelry on formal occasions.  Now you can wear them with just jeans and t-shirt. Very chic!

jewelry1 jewelry2 jewelry3












 5. Shoes

Last but certainly not least SHOES! We can NEVER have too much shoes… right? Well, the trends to look for are wedges, bright color pumps and printed shoes. I have yet to purchase this new trend but will very soon and that is the wedge sneakers. Sneakers have never been my favorite footwear but I would certainly love to wear it with a wedge heel. I am weary of sneakers because it can make you look frumpy and does nothing for your posture. The wedge provides height which is important for posture and making you look thinner.

wedge sneakers- donna karan orange pumps

dalmation print shoes

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