Top 5 Trends for Summer 2013

Summer is quickly approaching and I wanted to make sure you have the trends early in case you are planning to update your summer wardrobe. Although, the weather already feels like summer, it does not officially start until June 21 and ends September 21, 2013. You do have a little bit of time to think about where you would like to update and which trend you may already own. Here are the trends you need to know.

1. Floral – This trend you most likely might already own. We saw them all over the runways this year for summer. Florals are an established 2013 summer fashion trend. And you can wear it loud or toned down which ever you prefer. They are also a great trend to incorporate in your romantic style wardrobe.

2. Orange – colored clothing and accessories. We saw orange spilling over the runways at NY Fashion week. It is definitely a color to look for and wear. An orange bag is also the new neutral. You can wear it with many different color patterns and serves as a pop of color.

3. White Shirts- are something most people already have in their closets and has also made it on my 20 wardrobe essentials list.  Pull them out and get them cleaned because it’s time to debut them!

4. Bright Colors – Now, you know bright colors was going to make the list, right? You can wear them as solids, mixed or as color-blocking scheme like in the pictures below.

5. Flowy Ethereal gowns- or a maxi dress. These are very elegant, feminine comfortable and sexy. The maxi dresses below are by Calvin Klein from Dillard’s selling between $80-$100. They are being sold everywhere including at Ross for $39.99.

CK Maxi Dresses- from Dillards

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