Fashion Star Week 8

This week’s show the designers were challenged to design one piece for women in 2 colors and one piece for men in 2 colors. It is down to 5 designers Hunter Bell, Silvia Arguello, Cassandra Hobbins, Daniel Silverstein, and Garrett Gerson and Jesseray Vasquez…






















Here are my favorite looks…

Cassandra Hobbins sold her slanted crotch ankle-zip pant for women to Macy’s and is now selling online. She also sold her slanted crotch pant for men to Express and is on sale now here.
















Jesse-Ray and Garrett Gerson sold the highest amount for tonight. They sold their shirt dress to Macy’s for $200,000. You can now get it online at Macy’s.

































Daniel Silverstein sold both his men and women denim designs to Express. A denim romper for women that is perfect for spring and summer. A denim jacket for men was also sold and is great to wear year around.








At the end of the night Silvia Arguello was sent home. Silvia is a very talented designer and she designs very sophisticated clothing. She was being bought every week and was especially loved by Saks Fifth Avenue. However, she rarely sold to Express and Macy’s. When she did not sell tonight, she was sent home by Macy’s and Express. She really missed the mark this week and created a plain polo shirt for men and an asymmetrical top. Saks was still loyal to Silvia and purchased her asymmetrical tops for $175,000.00. We say farewell to Silvia Arguello.

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