Fahion Star Week 6

This week’s Fashion Star was Buyers’ Choice. The designers got a chance to sit down with the buyers individually to tell them what they are looking for. Terron from Saks Fifth Avenue requested something luxurious, innovative, and black and white. Caprice from Macy’s wants accessible and fashion forward clothes for her customers. Erika from Express, wants the ready for work wear where high rise glam meets downtown cool. Some of the designers really brought it tonight! My favorites were from Hunter Bell, Johanna Hernandez, Silvia Arguello, and Cassandra¬† Hobbins.

Hunter Bell designed an amazing fitted romper with leather details and she was bought by Macy’s for $200,000. It is now on sale at Macy’s for $89.00 online as well as stores. It’s available in black and white, black and cobalt blue.

















Johanna Hernandez designed a real modern blouse that is chic and will be flattering to many different body types. That is super important. She was bought by Macy’s for $165,000. It is now on sale at Macy’s for $79.00. It’s available in black and white polka dots and cobalt blue.

Cassandra Hobbins designed a sexy day to night dress and was bought by Macy’s for $175,000. It is on sale now at Macy’s online and in stores for $99.00. Very chic! It is available in the pink animal print but sold out in the black and white color.

Last but not least is the jumpsuit designed by Silvia Arguello that was bought by Saks Fifth Avenue for $200,000. It is now on sale online and in stores for $280.00- Available in black. Needless to say Terron loves Silvia because they have bought 4 times now.















This week the buyers sent Amber Perley home. She has been in the bottom 2 for the past couple of weeks and tonight was the end of the line. She was unable to design for a broader general population. She couldn’t break her southern belle designs which left the buyers very underwhelmed.

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