Fashion Star Season 2 -Week 5

Fashion Star is back with a second AMAZING season! There are a few changes with the buyers and the Host. The new host is Louise Roe and Express took the place of H&M. Although, Express is a fabulous store, but I liked H&M as a part of the panel because H&M is much more affordable. Which made the designs much more attainable to the average consumer. At any rate, the show still has an outstanding concept.  Where undiscovered designers compete to create a collection that buyers from 3 of the world’s biggest retailers; Macy’s, Express, and Sax Fifth Avenue will buy their garments for their stores nationwide. The public can then buy the hottest trends online immediately after the show airs and then in-stores the very next day.

Designers had to work in teams this week. Which ever teams sold the highest as a team was safe from elimination. The safe designers were Johanna Hernandez and Daniel Silverstein.



























They were bought by Saks Fifth Avenue for a total of $350,000. Daniel designed the tops and Johanna designed the pencil skirts. For a look of what they designed, go to Saks Fifth Avenue for purchases.  For Daniel’s tops, just click here.

I also loved the purchases by Express and Saks from designers Silvia and Amber which sold a combined total of $250,000. Unfortunately the buyers sent Amber home after such a big sale.

Amber Perley and Silvia Arguello



























To look or buy Silvia’s soft modern bright orange pant click here. For Amber’s tops go to Saks Fifth Avenue for purchase click here.

Express also purchased Hunter’s Snap Pencil Skirt click here. Hunter Bell did well!














Stay Tuned for Week 6 of Fashion Star… Very Exciting!!!

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