Fashion Star Week 8

This week’s Fashion Star had 4  buys from the retailers. I will list them from my most favorites to my least favorites. The one I absolutely loved this week is the tuxedo shirt from Designer Kara Laricks. It was purchased by Saks Fifth Avenue and it’s being sold for $235.00. It is super chic! The elbow patch cardigan sweater for men from Designer Nzimiro Oputa was really nice and can be worn a lot of different ways. It was purchased by Macys and is being sold for $119.00. Then Designer Ronnie Escalante’s EP 8 dress was very nice! It was bought by H&M and is being sold for $39.00. My least favorite was the floral print dress by Designer Lucianna Scarabello. It was purchased by Saks Fifth Avenue and is being sold for $325.00. This week, Ross Bennett was eliminated. He was very talented. All in all, it was a spectacular show! There are only 2 shows left and 3 designer will be eliminated. Until next week …


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