Fashion Star

I am loving NBC’s newest show “Fashion Star”! It airs on Tuesdays at 10pm eastern time. The concept is, undiscovered designers compete to create a collection that buyers from 3 of the world’s biggest retailers; Macy’s, H&M, and Sax Fifth Avenue will buy their garments for their stores nationwide. The public can then buy the hottest trends online immediately after the show airs and then in-stores the very next day. The BEST part of it all, is that the pieces are not that pricey! My favorite of last night’s winners is the tuxedo trouser from Designer Sarah. It was purchased by H&M and is being sold for only¬† $19.95. That’s right just $20!





















The pants also come in turquoise blue. You can wear this with a tank top and some suspenders like on the show. You can also wear a short sleeve tee and of course a nice blouse like shown above. I will be posting my favorite piece each week.



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