Must-Have Animal Print Pieces

Animal prints are one of those things that always come back, regardless if you have embraced it or not. They are wonderful for making bold and trendy fashion statement! The trick is to wear them one at a time. Wearing several animal prints pieces in one outfit would be an over kill.

Here are 6 animal print must-have pieces…

1. Pumps and flats- A great way to jazz up an ordinary look. I recommend one of each for obvious reasons. Pumps for going out and flats for casual wear. You can do both leopard and zebra prints.



2. Scarf- I own a few of different colors and lengths. They are wonderful to tie around your neck like a giant bow or wrapped around your neck. Wear it whenever your outfit needs a pinch of pizazz! They come in a variety of colors too! So, have fun with them!



3. Leopard Leather Belt – You can wear this belt on your cardigan, a nice pair of jeans or a day/evening dress and you will be the hottest fashionista in the room. Hairy classic-leopard accent with gold-tone buckle certainly have enough sass to dominate any outfit without being inappropriate or tacky.


4. Clutches/ Bags- I have several of these in my wardrobe of different print and colors. They are absolutely the best accessory to rather simple outfits.  So, why not update a classic black tie look with something as flashy and as trendy as these fabulous evening clutches? A couple of bold accents are always a nice, not to mention extremely useful thing to have in your wardrobe.


5. Zebra Print Tunic- This zebra print top will make you look classy and elegant with some long black slacks. A great tunic for your wardrobe!


6. Cardigan-And for all the busy corporate ladies – this one is for you! I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely perfect to wear in just any occasion! You can pair it up with any color pencil skirt and white shirt for a classy yet interesting, office appropriate look or wear it with a pair of well fitted skinny jeans and super awesome heels when you want to look fabulous off work.


Have you bought some animal prints and which item from this list would you love to have? And, remember, animal prints come and go only to return after a season or two so a smart choice animal print is never a waste of money.

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